2007 Finalist Projects


Ecole Paradis des Indiens - HAITI

The Paradis des Indiens project began as a one-room school in the small fishing village of Les Abricots. Canadian expatriate Michaelle de Verteuil set up the school especially for children whose families couldn't afford uniforms and shoes without which they were unable to attend Haiti's ordinary schools. More than 30 years later and Paradis des Indiens has expanded into a multi-faceted development programme. Poverty reduction activities include beekeeping, embroidery, woodworking and fruit-drying schemes. Environmental efforts are focused on reforestation a key priority for tree-stripped Haiti. The project also runs a microfinance scheme to foster local businesses and lift individual families out of poverty. However, Paradis des Indiens has not neglected its 'core business' ten small schools now run under its name, each with around 150 students.

For further information click here: http://foundationpdi.org/

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