2007 Finalist Projects

From left to right:
Roxanna Decyk, Shell Director Corporate Affairs;
Jose Palomino, Potato Goldmine;
Andre Devaux, Potato Goldmine;
Marcos Velasquez, Potato Goldmine;
Zeinab Badawi, BBC World


T'ikapapa - PERU

T’ikapapa, based in Peru, beat nearly 1000 other projects from around the world to win World Challenge 2007. A special programme was aired on BBC World, showcasing the awards ceremony where the winning initiative receives its US$20,000 grant from Shell.

The farmers of Peru’s high Andes are among the poorest in the country, with an average income of under US$1 per day. However, these farmers are sitting on a potential goldmine, as the region is home to three thousand varieties of potato. These native strains bear little resemblance to the regular potato, as many are brightly coloured – inside and out – and strangely shaped, but are packed with vitamins and are organically grown.

‘T’ikapapa’ was set up to bridge the gap between the Andean farmers and the potato market, allowing them to reap the benefit of their premium goods. The project’s ‘participatory market chain approach’ is now being applied to potato chips and other value-added products.

The number of families involved in the ‘T’ikapapa’ supply chain has grown from 72 families from three farmer organisations in 2004, to more than 200 families from seven farmer organisations in 2006.

‘T’ikapapa’ was voted as the winner while the two runners-up, which each received $10,000 were School for Success (Fondation des Indiens in Haiti, an education project) and Cooking without Gas (Foundation for Sustainable Technologies in Nepal, a sustainable energy project).

The three companies were presented with their prizes at a special awards ceremony, filmed by BBC World, in The Hague on Tuesday 4 December. The World Challenge 2007 Awards ceremony was shown on BBC World on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 December.

Richard Sambrook, CEO, BBC World says:
“We are pleased that World Challenge has developed into a bigger and better initiative and this year we’ve seen more nominations and votes than ever before. This demonstrates the increasing international awareness and interest in outstanding global initiatives in the field of sustainable development and we’re proud to be associated with the World Challenge competition.”

For further information click here: http://www.cipotato.org/ and http://papandina.cip.cgiar.org/

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