2007 Finalist Projects

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The price of imported sanitary pads - around US$1.50 for a pack of ten - puts them beyond the reach of Uganda's poorest families. Accordingly, many disadvantaged girls skip school during their periods, creating a vicious cycle in which the poorest fall furthest behind in their education.

Noticing this trend in Kampala, Dr Musaazi Moses set himself the goal of producing sanitary pads that could be sold for no more than US$0.27 per pack. He was able to keep costs down by using locally sourced materials - papyrus and paper - and manufacturing the pads on a cottage industry basis.

The current rate of production stands at around 1,500 pads per day - and Dr Moses expects this to increase over time. Since its foundation in 2004, MakaPads have benefited hundreds of girls in Kampala and beyond.

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